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Wanting to start a goat farm

The Old Goat has been kicking around the idea of starting a goat farm for the last couple decades. I have finally decided to start down a path that will hopefully bring this dream to reality.

My goal is to have a flock of about 16 Angora Goats, separate them off into 3 groups of 5 with the last one being the buck (possibly 3 bucks eventually). The buck(s) will be house separately and only allowed to mingle for the purpose of increasing the flock.

I think I'd like to start off with only 1 or 2 does, and increase the numbers from there. This really wouldn't be a huge problem, since I could more easily control land usage with a smaller starting flock. It's going to take me time (not to mention money) to fence in some pastures the way I want.

If I do start off with 3 (2 does, 1 buck), then I'd only initially need to fence in one pasture to start and with breeding, it would be start of year 2 before I'd need to fence in a second and third pasture. That said, I'd still like to have those pastures fenced before there was a need for them, just to be on the safe side to make sure the goats were able to be moved around if need be.

I did recently locate a property that would almost be perfect for this venture, it's a five acre lot, with facilities already in place for sheltering the goats from the elements. This structure will need some modifications made for my set up. I'm wanting the eventual 3 distinct flocks to be housed in separate areas and each of those areas to lead out to their own pasture.

If 1 acre can support 8 goats, then I want to give each herd of five, at least 2 seperate 1/2 acre pastures. This will take up 3 of the acres and should be more than they need. The 4th acre I want to split into 2 more pastures for the bucks and as spillover for in case one flock starts to overeat their pastures. The bucks can be together most of the time, but mating season they will need separated. Even at that, if I move a flock of does into an overspill, then a buck can take one of their pastures that's in the process of regrowing.

Wintertime, I'll be relying on hay and supplements for feeding them. Initially I'll have to buy the hay outright for the winter, but I think after a few years I'll be able to invest in more land to have some hay fields.

For the goats though, these will not be butchered or slaughtered. My idea is for a sustainable business where the goats can live their lives happily. I will be harvesting their fibers for resale and milking them as much as I can (their kids eat first).

I'm looking at enough fiber production to pay for their vet visits, winter feed and repairs to their housings as they become damaged. The only profit I'll make, if any, will come from their milk.

The milk will be used to make soaps, lip balms and maybe some cheese if they are good milk producers.

No matter what way it goes, I can likely get the loan for the land, but I'm asking for a little help from anyone who is interested in helping an old guy realize his dream of raising goats.

The funds being requested are just to accelerate the process of building pastures, purchasing the goats and some repairs/alterations to their housing. Also hoping for a little left over to help purchase a bailer and a tractor.

If you can feel free to donate. Also please share with some like minded individuals.

If you can't donate, but want to support my effort, feel free to share this. Sharing is caring.

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