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What kind of quality can you expect from furinno furniture

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

Full disclosure here, Furinno offered me a small commission for any items I sell for them in the next couple weeks. Ad this to the other small commission I get through Amazon affiliate links. I'm not making bank here, but I still have to disclose that this is "sponsored" content. I paid full price for all items listed and do NOT expect to make my $ back through commissions. My opinions are my own, they have been in no way swayed by any commission I may or may not get. Article does contain affiliate links, clicking on them and making a purchase does help support my work.

Furinno Furniture has the saying "Fits your space, Fits your budget". This alone is enough to raise the question of quality. So what kind of quality do you actually get? I can answer that based on my experience with some of the furniture I bought from them.

Quality, based on the pieces I have purchased and assembled, is fairly straight forward. These will hold up nicely to normal use, for many years and at their price point they appear to be an affordable option. With that said, you're not going to be able to suplex a home invader into one and expect it to hold up, but as long as you aren't finding yourself in a position where you're needing to body slam someone into one then you should get your monies worth out of them.

Suddenly, I have the urge to call a friend and try to talk them into coming over and slamming me on to one of these, just to see how well it holds up. Maybe I'll do that sometime, but not today. If you'd like to see someone slam me on to a piece, let me know. I'm sure I could purchase another piece just to destroy it, or see just how much abuse it can actually take.

How about the ease of assembly?

I've assembled many things over the years, actually used to assemble things in several big box stores. I might add that that type of job can be quite lucrative. Furinno Furniture goes together super easy, most of the items I got were their turn-n-tube design which were about as easy as you can get. Actually, the only way to be easier would be just snap in parts, but snap in pieces tend to become damaged easily especially if you put a piece in wrong and need to remove it.

This assembly method will afford you the opportunity to make a mistake and not damage the item. I assembled 7 items and out of those I only had one piece become damaged (which I'll take the blame for). When turning the pieces together, you do want to make sure you keep the pieces straight and not be jiggling them all around. The one piece I damaged, I jiggled too much and snapped part of the threading. I was still able to put the piece together though, just had to get the remaining threaded part attached and it seemed sturdy enough even with my blunder.

Some of their items so require a screw driver, and I would suggest you use an actual hand tool for those. Like all big box store furniture, the wooden pieces are particle board and if you use power tools, you will likely put too much torque onto the screw and completely strip out the wood you're screwing it in to. That's not faulty manufacturing, it's the result of us as consumers not wanting to spend the money to get high end furniture. When you want affordable furniture, you understand that cheaper materials will be used.

With all that out of the way, comes the next question.

How does it look though? Coming out of the box everything I got looked fine. Plastic pieces didn't have a plastic look to them. After the items were together, and I was looking at them, I really couldn't tell there were plastic pieces on them. The veneer on the particle board looks nice, though I would suggest using coasters for any drinks that may sweat, just to prevent any water damage that may arise from letting moisture pool on the veneer and potentially soak in to the particle board. That said, I have set a nice cold fountain drink on the one stand several times and noticed the sweat pooling, but haven't seen damage yet, then again I've only done that 3 times so far (all 3 times, the drink sat there for hours).

Which pieces did I get?

FURINNO Modern Simplistic End Table, 1-Pack Without Tray, Espresso

Being that I'd been using a metal frame end table that had a glass top for years and not having enough room to utilize it's twin on the other side of the couch, I decided I'd start off with a smaller end table to free up some room. Coming in at 22.45$, I figured it was definitely in my price range and I wouldn't be too upset if I didn't like it.

The instructions were not the best for this piece, they should definitely rework the assembly instructions to start with the table top upside down and assemble it top down. That's really my only complaint with this, just the instructions seemed a bit backwards.

After replacing the old end table with this one, I found that I had a lot more room beside the couch so I needed another end table for the other side. This made me very happy.

Furinno 17017 Turn-N-Tube End Table, 1-Pack, Espresso

This one looked a little fancier, so it was destined to be placed between the couch and the door. Coming in at 25.47$, it's a great place to put my keys and sunglasses as well as a reading lamp. It's only been a couple weeks, so I haven't put anything in the drawer or on the lower shelf yet, and honestly I have no idea what to put there. I'm really not used to having the extra space. With the previous end table, it held a reading lamp, keys and my "go bag" (bag I take to work with me that has things I might need in it). This isn't large enough to hold my bag, but the bag can sit on the floor by this and still takes up less space than the old end table did. That said though, I just don't know what will go in the drawer or on the lower shelf.

The instructions for this were not horrible, was able to glance at them and be fine.

With the couch being able to be centered along the wall a bit better, I noticed the corner near it looked a bit empty. Yeah, it has the other end table but I placed that by the arm of the couch and the corner just seems wasted. So I ordered:

Furinno Rossi Wall Mount Floating Corner Shelf, 5-Tier Radial, Espresso

This being a floating corner shelf, it didn't do much for the wasted real estate on the floor in the corner, but it did raise my eyes up to the wall a bit. Coming in at 22.99$ this really is affordable and really does look very nice. Though again, after a couple weeks, I still haven't put anything on the shelves, as I am not used to having the extra space and have no nick nacks laying around to take the space up.

The instructions for this were, well step 1 was put everything together, just everything. As a note, I'd start from the top if I had to do it again. Sadly I started from the bottom and had a small issue with getting my driver in to tighten the screws, wasn't a big problem though.

I have wanted a coffee table for years, but never really had the room for one. Since the room was starting to free up some space, I decided to go ahead and move the stand I'd been using by my chair and move it under the wall mounted TV setup. I could easily do this, since I'd already moved the old entertainment center out and hadn't replaced it with anything yet. This allowed me to move by laptop cart to the other side of my chair and free up room in front of the couch. Suddenly, I had enough room for:

FURINNO Modern Simplistic Coffee Table, Espresso

How does moving 2 small items allow for a somewhat larger item to go into the space? Well, again with the couch more centered alone the wall, and with moving the chair back about 4 inches, it allowed room between the chair and the couch for a coffee table. So the couch moving south around a foot and a half and the chair moving north 4 inches, that's just under 2 feet of difference. The chair still reclines, and my laptop is still able to sit in front of me if I want to use it.

The coffee table though, I have enough room to walk around it without having to slide it to get around. Granted I don't have much room to get around it, but it is enough. The lower shelf of the coffee table, my daughter decides to put some blankets on it, instead of them sitting on the couch for in case someone got cold.

The assembly for this was easy, but again I'd have changed this one to start you with the top facing down and working from top down to the feet. Even with that, following the directions on this was easy, I just feel it would be even more easy to assemble it upside down.

Now that I have less shelf space by my chair, I needed another option to give me some surface area back, to at least hold my keyboard and mouse for the computer (not the laptop).

Furinno 12078EX/BK Turn-n-Tube Multipurpose 4-Tier Corner Shelf, Espresso/Black

This corner shelf fit very nicely in the corner beside the chair. If I recline the chair a little, I can reach the shelves very easily, so it works as a place to put my keyboard and mouse. I did also place a couple healthier snacks on one of the shelves, since I do like to munch on some things once in awhile. Coming in at 19.10$ I didn't even blink at the price.

Assembly for this was super easy, Turn-N-Tube design, went together in about 10 minutes. Absolutely nothing to complain about the instructions on this piece.

With that, I turn my attention to the wall across from me. For years, I've been using a chest my son made as a sort of shoe rack. The worst part of the set up though was that I could not open the door all the way, since the chest was in the way. Partly because the old entertainment center forced it to be close to the door, but I had already removed the entertainment center months ago (actually around 7 months ago), but hadn't touched the chest. Well, time to move the chest back to where it used to be, and replace it with:

Furinno Turn-S-Tube 4-Tier Shoe Rack, Espresso/Black

I really though this was going to be overkill and wouldn't need all this storage space for shoes. I was wrong, see I have my mowing shoes, metal detecting shoes, work boots, dress shoes, loafers, water shoes for beach days and magnet fishing, and of course my shoes for running around town. You know the nicer pair, that aren't grass stained or mud stained. Yeah I didn't realize I had that many pair of shoes that I actually use, granted I have more, but the rest are new and meant to replace other pairs as they become worn.

This one coming in at 26.99$ almost feels like a steal after getting it together and filled up. I did have to relinquish a shelf for my daughter to put her shoes, so I'm thinking I might have actually wanted a bigger shoe rack. Maybe I just have a shoe problem that I need to seek counseling for.

Under the Tv's still looked a little bare, so I ordered:

Furinno LACi 4-Bins System Rack, 11.3(W) x 28.8(H) Inch, Espresso/Black

I figured I could use this for game storage and gaming peripherals. I think I've only filled one of the baskets so far with games and need to work on emptying the old basket out and putting the rest of the items in here, but then there would be the question of what to do with the old basket.

Assembly for this was again super easy, taking less than 10 minutes.

All and all at just under 163$, I was able to free up a lot of space in my living room, while giving me more storage space. Granted I had previously put a floating shelf on the wall and have a router box to hang up, but those are not items from Furinno.

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