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Fellowes Micro-Cut Paper Shredder unboxing and first use

Returning to a job at the village, I was taken back by the fact that they were still using a shredder that was there when I first started there nearly 20 years ago. The old shredder was still the kind that just cut the paper into strips, the entire length of the paper.

I decided for security purposes, it was time to upgrade the shredder with a micro-cut variety. Dipping into my own pocket, I located this little guy and added it to my cart.

Now, I should say, the old shredder still worked, it would still shred 2-3 pages at a time but it did not like stapples, paperclips, CD's or ID's. I made sure the one I was replacing it would destroy all those and wanted more than 3 pages at a time. Ended up deciding on a model that would handle 12 pages at a time and take care of the other aforementioned items.

One of my coworkers was elated, since for the past couple years she had been tasked with using scissors to cut through the plethora or lost/found ID's, credit cards, etc that always get turned in but people never seem to come pick up. The really funny thing is, I've called countless people over the years to tell them we have these things, and rarely does one ever come claim them even after being told where they are.

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