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Painting Basement wall with DryLok Paint

Have to get behind the washer and dryer painted, so I can move these back ASAP. I pulled them out over a week and a half ago and I am running out of clean clothes. Needing to get some laundry done.

This wasn't as hard on my back as I thought it was going to be. For being barely able to walk again, sitting on the concrete floor to paint wasn't uncomfortable at all.

Still seems like it's getting warmer in the basement with each coat of UGL DryLok Paint. I'm sure the R value of the paint is extremely low, but the biggest gains are in the first 1 R anyway, so even if it's 1/2 an R it's a big improvement. Not to mention, any air gap missed with the Liquid Nails for Mortar and Concrete, would be filled in with the paint.

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