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Setting up a chroma key backdrop

Chroma Key is something I set out to start doing around 2 years ago. I began setting up my "studio" with a permanent "Green Screen" on one wall for my backdrop.

Sadly, I am still not done building the studio, as building a whole new room costs money something that's always in short supply. Then of course we have this thing called time that must always contend with.

Today though, today was different. I had an idea for a video, the video in my imagination required the use of a green screen. Well, I shouldn't say requires as it could be done without chroma key but it would look better if chroma key was used.

That said, I ran to Walmart in search of some cheap fabric to build a temporary "green screen". I was actually planning on searching for the green we all know, but then I saw the clearance bin of cloth!!!! 1$/yard was marked on every bolt, I searched and scoured the bin finding light blues that matched too closely to blue jeans (couldn't use those), one nice light pink (this is my studio though) and settled on a darker blue.

Not the smartest thing to use a darker color, but hey I managed to get it to work.

Background Image Credit to Ilona Frey

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