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TubeBuddy free version, tagging your videos

Finally uploaded my walk-thru for TubeBuddy’s (free version) tagging feature. I love this little browser extension. You can download TubeBuddy through the link in any of my videos.

If you are new to creating content on YouTube then this is something you’ll want to install just for the sheer geekiness of it. My daily views went up by about 10 when I first installed it awhile back. Then, when I started using it correctly, my daily views climbed by about 50, that was a massive improvement for my channel. A channel that was getting a measly few hundred views a month. This was fantastic for my small little channel.

My channel was up for just under 2 years when I started using TubeBuddy and had just gotten 10K views. After installing and playing with it, I went to 25K total views in just a few short months. Now since I’ve actually been using it correctly, I’m nearing 45K total views (that’s not counting the 5K views I removed, by removing a few videos). The growth factor TubeBuddy has helped me achieve, has been wonderful. I’ve really only been using it about 8 months, that’s 35K views in that 8 month period -vs- the 10K views for the first 2 years of YouTubing without it.

If you install this through my link, I get credit for your install and it’ll help me get a free upgraded license. This costs you nothing.

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