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TubeBuddy Pro Version, Tagging

Showing how much more powerful the Pro Version is. I meant to post this shortly after I posted the walk-thru for the Free Version. I kept delaying posting it, due to not wanting to just slap up 2 similar videos so closely together, this isn’t really in line with what I envision for my channel.

I had to do it though, cause it fits the website a bit, or at least I have a home for it on the website. This is stuff worth knowing if you’re creating a channel or have a channel. Sadly, you have to watch hours upon hours upon hours of videos claiming to try to help you, before you’d find this tool. Honestly, it took me months of watching video tutorials about increasing views on YouTube before I found one that pointed me to this tool.

This tool has transformed my channel by leaps and bounds. I’ve been using for less than 8 months now, and tripled my subscriber count, and well over doubled my view count. In fact, my view counts per month now, are better than they were for my first year total. View counts per month now are still greater than the first 8 months of my second year combined.

Like I said though, I played around with the free version for several months before actually utilizing the tool more efficiently. My view rates were going up consistently, so I wasn’t even looking at things I hadn’t figured out yet. It took me several months to see past all the cool little bells and whistles of it and start actually using the tagging tool and realizing just how powerful it is.

I’m sure there are many cool little features I haven’t even played with yet, but I’m completely satisfied with just utilizing the tagging tool alone. Like I’ve said, my view rates are through the roof compared to what they were before I was using it. I’m sure one day, I’ll explore the tool a bit more and find another tool that I discounted or just didn’t even look at, but for now I’m extremely happy with this tool.

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