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Video Editing Services

Video editing services

Old Goat Productions also offers a video editing solution.  There really is a multitude of solutions here that would take hours to explain in detail.  

Audio Dub:

          This can range from a song playing at a low level in the background to removing the original audio and letting the music take complete control of the audio track.  It is preferable that if you want copyrighted works added to your video that you provide the audio in question to add.


          Everyone knows 'fade to black', but there really are a multitude of different wipe/transition effects that can be placed to transition from scene to scene.  Today, they really don't get the credit they deserve in keeping peoples attention.  I still find them as a nice way to tell people that something changed (location, angle, time, etc).  

Scene splitting:

          Converting from VHS to digital will produce one long file (unless you can notate the precise location on the tape for each scene, which can vary in different players).  Once the file is created, we can split the scenes up into their own segments.  This can be useful if you want certain scenes removed (deleted), or want each scene in it's own file so they can be played individually.  I'm not going to sugar coat this, pulling out each individual scene on its own can be time consuming, as the software will need to render each file separately (a 20 minute scene can take from 10 minutes to over an hour to render, depending on the quality you're trying to get, by default I upscale as much as I can to improve the video quality as much as possible).  

Audio Syncing:

          Sometimes audio track can fall out of sync with the video.  We can attempt to fix this, due to stretching though, once in awhile it has to be fixed several times along the track, so it might fall out of sync repeatedly.  We do the best we can while keeping the cost in an acceptable range.  I'm not saying we can't flawlessly correct this, just that you wouldn't like the bill if it was flawless.  The more wear on the tape, the more increased chance for the audio to lose sync.  

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