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Trying out some options

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

Someone might have noticed, I haven't posted to the old website in awhile. In all actuality, I haven't posted anything there since I realized I was having mini strokes last year. Couple that, with the fact that the host server is so slow that it takes 5-10 minutes just to log in to begin posting.

Yesterday, I decided I was going to try to resurrect the site a bit. First thing first though, I wanted to try some free options, since I've already sunk a little bit into the old site. So far Wix has proven to load much faster and was a lot easier to setup. WYSIWYG drag and drop style is so much easier than learning code.

Speaking of code...... I could blame part of the large load times on myself, since my coding experience is severely outdated and limited as it was. I did learn a lot of things though and even managed to get the page load time to what is considered an acceptable parameter for GoDaddy. Sad thing is though, their acceptable parameters are not acceptable to me.

Wix, thus far has allowed me to log in instantly, and even remain logged in over night. Basic page was build within minutes, tweaked with ease and ready for display. I will just have to decide if I'll be keeping the generic wix url for free, or if I'll be paying to move my domain to them and having them manage it.

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