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Trash Can for Making Yard Waste Tea

Have been looking for a solution to my composting/weeds issue. Believe I found a solution that should kill the seeds, and provide nutrients for plants, while still giving me material to add to the compost pile. I’m calling it my trash can for making yard waste tea.

Okay, maybe the name needs some work. Essentially, I’ll put the yard waste into the trash can, and let the rain add water to it. This should cause the waste to start breaking down and releasing it’s nutrients into the water. Giving me a nutrient rich ‘tea’ that I can then water my plants with.

After the waste is broken down to the point that it becomes sludge, then I’ll clean out the trashcan and throw it’s contents into my compost. Where it’ll dry up a bit and break down even further, allowing it to be added directly to plants as compost.

The idea is that the seeds of these vile weeds will be destroyed by allowing them to break down in the trash can. This should reduce the overall number of weeds I’m reintroducing to my yard and garden every year, and make it easier for me to keep both looking good.

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