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TONOR TC30 Condenser Computer PC Mic

TONOR was kind enough to sponsor this video and gave me their TC30 Condenser Computer PC Mic in exchange for my honest review. My opinions are my own.

The TONOR mic presented very well in the box and felt really solid when I pulled it out. I will add that if the mic is removed from the tripod, you can really feel the plastic of the mic, which is not as good as a feel that it has while in the tripod.

Hooking it up was simple, easy and straight forward.

The brief audio test demonstrated that it has a much better sound than some of the other "budget" mics I have tried. I felt it sounded good enough as it was that there was no need to boost the audio level or even turn the audio down. In fact, I thought it sounded good enough that it has now replaced my Zealsound Mic on my desk.

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