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Time to Polyurethane the Kitchen Floor

With the removal of the junk Peel and Stick, the floor re-sanded and stained, there's one step left, Polyurethane the floor. This is the second easiest step of the process and the final step, but the longest step.

You'll need to decide, how much Polyurethane you're going to need, and part of that is deciding how many coats you want. We decided that 3 coats would be plenty for our little kitchen, and decided to go with Varathane Floor Finish. We also decided to pick up a Rust-Oleum Oil-Based Applicator, just to make applying the product a tad bit easier, you will need to clean the applicator after each coat. This stuff boasted about it's quick dry time, but on a low humidity day, windows open and fan running, dry time was still in the neighborhood of around 10 hours. Leaving 30 hours before light traffic can resume in the room, then another 48-72 on top of that before you can put everything back into the room and resume normal use.

With the room done, it's nice to sit back and enjoy the effort that was put into it. Even if I forgot to fix the spot that was filled in with wood-fill, all those years ago. I don't mind the spot though, it's a reminder to me, of how much effort and time I actually put into this floor, over the years.

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