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This weekend was a productive one

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

Shot a couple more videos over the weekend, displaying my new toy Kobalt 8 gallon portable, electric air compressor, also picked up Kobalt 2 in 1 air paint sprayer kit and Kobalt 18 piece accessory kit. Didn’t get a chance to use them yet, but I did open everything up and play with it all.

Saturday, I attended my nephews graduation party, let me tell you, the Taco Bar was amazing!!!! Had a lot of fun, kicking back and relaxing in the shade. Then I decided to play horseshoes with my father, that was probably a mistake. Not like that, we had a blast, it was how long the game lasted. We didn’t pay attention to the time, but I’d wager the 1 game we played took in the neighborhood of 2 hours, yep we were that horrible.

Was home on Sunday and spent the day in the yard, making videos. Sunday evening I decided to check on some things and found 2 Bluetooth speakers to play with. Ordered them and they will be being shipped here pretty directly. Of course I’m in no rush and haven’t signed up for Amazon Prime yet, so I chose the slightly longer shipping option. The 2 speakers I ordered are Solar Powered Portable Bluetooth Speaker since I want a speaker that can just be used for outdoors (mainly wanting to check it’s build and loudness) and the other speaker is Soweiek Portable Bluetooth 4.2 Speaker for probably the garage or the daughter’s playhouse.

Either way, I’m excited to get these 2 products and try them out to see how well they work. It’ll probably be a week til I get them, then a week of playing with them, then I’ll likely do a review of my opinion of them. Was just too excited to wait, I had to share the news.

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