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The Old Goat Doesn’t Like Shopping at Stores

It’s no secret, the Old Goat doesn’t like to shop at stores. The Old Goat, doesn’t like to pay full price for his provisions either. I’d much rather do my shopping from home, and find sale prices on the stuff he’s going to order.

Lets look at today’s haul: Gain Detergent 120oz x2, 23.98$ (Sale 19.98), free 5$ gift card (Savings 8$) Gain Dryer Sheets 240 sheet x2 17.98$, free 5$ gift card (Savings 5$) 409 Multi-Surface Cleaner 32oz x3 8.67$ (Savings 0$) Suave Mens Body Wash/Shampoo 18oz x5 11.95$ (Sale 10$) (Savings 1.95$) (Total Savings 14.95$) That’s almost 20%

I could have bought these things at Walmart for roughly the same price. Actually about 1.60$ more, well 11.60$ more due to the gift cards. Also add in my drive time, my fuel, of course the standing in line time. Yep, not only did I save 11.60$, but I also saved over an hour with drive, shop and stand in line.

It’s just too simple to look at a flyer, order the items, and be done. My next order should be paper towels, since I am running a bit low on them.

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