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Tearing out another Mulch Bed

Next up, another mulch bed needs torn out. This bed will be replaced next year, it just needs to go so I can grade the area away from the house. You almost can't tell that most of this used to be a driveway.

One thing I've been fascinated with, over the years, has been looking at land and determining what used to be there, or why it looks the way it does. I'm not entirely sure why this fascinates me, but being that it does, I find it even more fascinating to alter the ground enough to remove the traces of what used to be there.

Driveway out, multiple trees out and one would have to look hard to determine where these things used to be. Except for in the front, you can still tell that used to be a driveway. That said, I only touched that area enough to remove the driveway and then add a new one. By this time next year, one should never know there was a driveway there, and that makes me happy.

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