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TCL 55” 4K 2160P HDR Roku Smart LED TV

The Old Goat found himself in need of a new TV. I spent hours scouring the internet for a TV that had what I wanted, I found the TCL 55" 4K 2160P HDR Roku Smart LED TV. My last consideration was price, the TV had to be within my budget (free preferably, but would start looking at around 300$).

What did the Old Goat Find? Well, he found TCL 55” Class 4K 2160P HDR Roku Smart LED TV. So the price tag was a bit higher than I liked, but the screen was bigger than I'd have settled for, the resolution was better than I'd wanted, it had everything I hoped for by being Roku and came stock with 3 HDMI inputs. All for 378$, now I know that's a bit more than my budget allows, but again I'm not opposed to eating ramen noodles for the rest of the year and drinking cheap pop.

No need to go over the specs on this, the name says it all. I'm thinking, if I can ever get my basement done, this might be exactly what I want down there. Imagine this, line 3 of these up in a row, just above the desk line, then sit there on my computer, with the middle one acting as the monitor, to the left is sports and to the right is research. I'd be in heaven, researching one thing, watching a game and working on a video all from my cave. Lets not forget an air fryer to my back so I can have an endless supply of wings being served up.

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