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Talking about Pulling Weeds

Decided it was time to pull some weeds. Need to get these old mulch beds looking at least part ways decent. Yeah, I know the year is almost finished and I should have kept up with it. Next year, I’ll do better, maybe.

Took some time to explain the dilemma I face. Can’t burn the yard waste, can’t set it out for trash. The village does do some yard waste collections, they are trying to do this one weekend a month, but that would requiring bagging it all up, then storing it somewhere, transporting it to the collection site on collection weekend and emptying every bag.

2 options remain, the first option is what I have been choosing to do. Compost, but my compost pile won’t generate the heat required to kill seeds. That said, every time I throw the the compost on something, I’m throwing seeds on it as well.

I sat here a few weeks ago, just watching people weed their beds, and gardens, right from the comfort of YouTube. That’s when it hit me, Yard Waste Tea could be the solution I’ve been wanting. The water will break down the waste, causing it to rot. The water will also pull some nutrients right out of the biomass, giving me a free fertilizer I can just pour onto my plants. Best part is, if you remember I said it will help the mass rot, that would include the seeds. Once the seeds are partially rotted, they will be benign, allowing me to then add that rotten mass to the compost pile.

Sure my compost won’t be as rich in nutrients, but the nutrients aren’t really lost, as I can pour them all over my plants. The resulting compost will still have enough nutritional value to make it worth using. Maybe I’m a bit of a hippie, but I do believe, if we find a way to use our waste, then we are better for it.

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