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Sumpri Sphere Ice Molds

Sumpri was kind enough to offer me a good discount on their Sphere Ice Molds, in exchange for me reviewing their product. That said, my opinion is my own.

The spheres are pretty cool and work well at doing their job. The cloudiness was obviously just an issue with me 'thinking' I knew something. I don't care if the ice is cloudy though, it gives it a 'frosted' look and I'm perfectly fine with that.

Functionality of the ice, well it's ice, so it functions like ice Functionality of the molds, they do the job they were designed to do. Coolness of having Ice Spheres in your glass, utterly awesome.

I'll be putting this item on my 'buy more of list', seeing as how I think I'm going to want these in my glass all the time.

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