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Sumpri 15 inch Magnetic Knife Holder

Sumpri was kind enough to sponsor another video. This time they gave me a great deal on their 15 inch magnetic knife holder. I got the 2 pack and ultimately wish I had gotten more.

2 very small problems with this, first being that the one broke when tightening it down, not from over tightening, it's still very very loose. I did tighten the screw afterwards, in an attempt to make it more stable, but that did not help at all. Though the 2nd strip went up without an issue, so could have just be a faulty piece, I'm sure they would replace it, if asked to, but I'm using it to get some tools off my bench and ultimately I don't care if it wobbles a little bit.

The second problem is that the magnet is a little on the weak side. It will work fine once the tools are on it, which is ultimately what I want. The only real problem is hanging the tools initially and removing them when they are needed. You 'might' have one fall off next to the one you are grabbing. To solve this, just put more space between the tools.

All in all, I'm still happy with the product, I wanted it just to push some tools to my wall. Once I finish the wall, I'll be able to glue the one strip down (making it sturdy), and I'll be able to install them horizontal, which will fix a lot of my second issue.

Of course, I'll have to buy more, since my vision of the wall behind my bench is to have the majority of my tools hanging on it.

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