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Spring Means Getting Leaves Out of the Yard

As always, Spring time means getting all the leaves out of the yard. You know, all those leaves that your neighbors didn't clean up out of their yard, that blew all over yours. Now of course, I'm not complaining.

These leaves help feed my compost pile, to be pushed into my garden. This means I am more than happy to accept them, I just wish the neighbors would deliver them prebagged.

Oh wait, who's that? A new face?

Yep, that's Brandy. She decided she would come out into the yard and help by picking up all the sticks out of the yard. By all the sticks, I mean she picked up small little twiggs that I would have left laying on the ground. I'm not complaining, the help was really appreciated and she saved me a lot of time by doing this. Thanks Brandy!!

Here's hoping for a productive year in the yard!!

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