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Soweiek Solar Powered Bluetooth Speaker

Review of the Soweiek solar powered bluetooth speaker. I received this a few weeks back and had an issue right off the bat, the speaker wouldn’t stay powered on. I got in touch with customer service and they identified the issue fairly quickly w/o any hassle.

They advised it was a programming issue, so the speaker had to be returned, but they sent me a new one. So I can gladly say, their customer service was a pleasure to work with (which is saying a lot in today’s world).

This little guy can pump out some music, it totes a 20 hour continuous use battery life. Assuming this calculates full charge at start, solar charging during use, and running straight off battery after sun goes down. I didn’t test this, I’m not staying up for 20 hours to see. I can verify at least 8 hours run time while the sun is up, but I petered out and went inside to rest.

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