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Second Coat UGL DryLok, in the Basement

Decided to go ahead and put the 2nd coat of UGL DryLok on the basement walls.  This part of the project isn't taking as long as I though, and is actually a lot cheaper than I thought it would be.  Then again, I'm only doing about half of the basement at the moment.  One 5 gallon bucket was plenty for the part I'm working on.  Will need another 5 gallon bucket to finish the rest of the basement though, but that's not part of this project.  

Haven't had any water in the basement since it all dried up from power washing the walls, and of course grading the exterior of the house.  That's saying a lot, since it has rained, and rained, and well rained.  Quite honestly, this fall/early winter has been very wet.  At one point, I even made footprints in the mud out front, it was that wet (this doesn't happen, the side lot sure, but never the front of the house).  I think it's safe to say, my water problem has been resolved even before adding the DryLok, but the DryLok is a preventative measure or a 'fail-safe'.

I'm already starting to notice that it doesn't feel as damp in the basement.  Really, it's starting to feel quite comfortable down there.  Still a long way to go in this project and time is running out.  I've basically got 2 full months left before I can start to get back outside.  I'm starting to doubt if I'll be able to finish this project before warmer weather hits.  Hope I can, but even if I don't, I'm getting parts done, I'm getting them done in a manner that works for me.  Worst case scenario, I'll just have to finish it on rainy days, as time allows.  

Tons of projects planned and never fully finished, seems to be my method.  There's always something that hits me as 'more important', or I just run shy on funds and have to slow down.  If money wasn't an object, I'd probably be done.  Just a few 2x4's between me and some walls, just a little insulation between my walls and a quiet room, just a little wall material between studded walls and finished walls, just a little flooring between my room having a nice looking floor and just a few trinkets between that and a nicely finished room to relax in.  

Sounds simple, doesn't it?

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