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Ridgid 21 Degree 3 1/2 inch Round Head Framing Nailer

Being an Old Goat and severely out of shape. I decided, I wanted to make framing this wall, a much easier task so I bought myself a Ridgid 21 degree 3 1/2 inch round head framing nailer. When I was looking for tools, I decided that from here on out, I was going to buy quality tools instead of cheap tools. After many of hours researching, I saw Ridgid tools, but wasn't sold on them yet, it was their price, all the reviews I read were positive, or just rants from people like me who think the tool doesn't work because we aren't familiar with how it works.

I had almost decided on another brand, just because I liked the colors (and it's priced much cheaper), but as I dug into it deeper I noticed a few things that swayed my opinion. While the one brand was generally cheaper; part, peripherals, additional things were more expensive, even some of the tools I'm looking at needing for my project were just a few dollars less (but add in attachments, additional hardware, it'd cost me far more). Since pricing was no longer the main factor for the other brand, I looked a bit deeper. Ridgid is made right here in Ohio, which I can get behind. The other brand was....well lets not dwell on the other people.

My mind was made up, I'll be dealing with Ridgid for my needs, whenever they have a tool that fits my needs. Their colors match the local school colors, they are made right here in Ohio and in the long run, they aren't really that expensive.

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