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Mulching the Leaves with Husqvarna

With Autumn comes leaves, the leaves fall and cover the ground and well this isn't aesthetically pleasing to me. Sure Autumn leaves are pleasant to look at, while they are in the trees, but once they hit the ground they turn into work.

I used to spend countless hours raking the leaves into a pile for the kids to jump into. Then I remembered back to my landscaping days when we'd do leaf removal and we had leaf blowers. This was by far a much easier way to do it, even if it wasn't quite as fast.

Now I'm more thinking along the lines of "it takes me an hour to mow, so if I mow (mulch) the leaves, then mow again and bag them, that's 2 hours". This seems like a much easier solution than spending half a day blowing them into a pile. So, out comes the trusty Husqvarna, to complete the task in no time flat.

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