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Monet phone wallet!! I’m loving the idea

If you’re like me, there’s three things you always take with you. Your keys, your phone and your wallet. This little phone wallet frees you of the later. Put your ID and a card in there and you’re set for travelling around town. Those are the only 2 things in my wallet that I ever need locally.

Those nice people over at Monet, gave me this wallet for free. My phone is a few years old and the case on it wasn’t compatible with the Monet Phone Wallet. My case has a rubber seal around the outside that must be taken off to get the case off, but parts of the plastic case intertwines with the rubber seal. Meaning if I put it on my phone case, I’d either have to leave my phone in the case at all times, or I’d ruin this wallet by taking my phone out of the case.

With that in mind, I reluctantly gave this wallet to my ex. It’s ok though, I’ll buy one after I get my new phone and new case. This thing is just too sweet. I’m not just saying that cause they gave me a free phone wallet. I’m saying it because it is just sweet. The wallet looked to be very solid and well made. I’m going to have to up my plans to get a new phone sooner than I had anticipated.

Check out this sweet little phone wallet. Tons of colors to chose from, I’m a bit like Henry Ford though, black is the color you just can never go wrong with.

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