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Making a leaf pile for a kid to play in

Making a leaf pile for a kid to play in.

Woke up this morning planning to get the leaves to the curb for pickup.

Once the rake was in my hand, I couldn't stop myself from making a leaf pile for my daughter to play in for the day. Of course no leaf pile is fit for playing in until the kids are thrown into it first. Come on, it's not every day that you can safely throw your child. Just make sure you're removing all the twigs while you're gathering your leaves, twigs do NOT get alone with eyes.

She loved the helicopter toss so much that she asked for it all day. Naturally we also made it "Fort Old Goat" for about an hour, while we just kicked back in our relaxing armchairs of leaves.

After we played in the fort for awhile, we ended up in jail and planned a daring escape. I was transformed into a giant and was able to walk right over the barbed wire, while the little one had to tunnel her way out.

Then it was back to tossing the little one back into the pile of leaves. Always a great way to spend a day with little ones. Costs nothing but a little time, effort and imagination. Well that and a leaf blower if you detest raking.

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