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Liquid Nails for Mortar and Concrete, Filling in Large Gaps

Since I've had all these tubes of Liquid Nails for Mortar and Concrete laying around collecting dust, I figured I might as well use them. I bought more tubes than I really needed last year, and with the majority of my walls done, I figured "lets use this to fill in the gaps around the doors".

These 2 rooms are much colder than the rest of the basement, mostly do to no heat vents in them. I've been noticing the cold air just pouring in from around these doors, all winter, as I've been working on the main room in the basement. I chuckled cause my solution was clear and fairly simple, I have all these tubes laying there and an actual place to use them at.

I'm going to go out on a limb and say I was able to polish off about 8 tubes around my doors. The benefit from this is 2 fold, it helped me use some of the stockpile I already paid for and it'll help slow the air/heat exchange from the smaller rooms to the main room. I'd say that's a definite win/win for me.

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