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Liquid Nails for Mortar and Concrete, Filling in Cracks

Moving right along with the winter project. I went with Liquid Nails for Mortar and Concrete, just because it's easier to work with than the Hydraulic Cement is.

Using it primarily as an air stop anyway, so don't really need it to expand into the holes. Sure expanding into the holes would probably give a better result in the long run. I am confident that I fixed my minor water problem, and even if I didn't, then the DryLok Paint I'll be putting on will fix the minor water problem I've been getting.

To be completely honest, it rained for 6 days, almost completely straight around this time and the basement took in no water. Even with as minor as my water problem had been, this is a severe improvement, as there would have been a small wet spot after 3 days, previously.

That said, I'm confident that this will be more than enough, and that an air stop is really all I need at this point.

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