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It Finally Arrived!!! HP ENVY Desktop 795 0030qd, unboxing

I finally did it, I broke down and bought a new computer. Decided to go with the HP Envy Desktop. This thing looked to be about 2x more powerful than my old computer. Like I say though, looked to be, I’m not very well up to date on today’s computers, so my assessment could be (and probably is) wrong.

Opening the box revealed generally exactly what one would expect, opening a new computer. Just the generic peripherals that come stock, and a tower. The tower does have a very nice face to it, just wish the whole thing had the same finish.

Not that it matters though, I won’t be seeing the sides or the back. Not that the finish has anything to do with performance anyway, lets get her out of the box and ready to be hooked up.

Almost needless to say, I am excited. I get to turn my cameras fps up, I get to make sure the camera is recording at it’s highest resolution. I get to throw my editing software on the new tower and set all it’s settings full tilt and see what kind of damage this box can do.

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