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Installing Top Plate for Basement Walls

With the Ridgid Framing Nailer out of the box, it was time to try it out on the Top Plates for my walls. I must admit, there is a bit of a learning curve with using a tool like this, being that I've never used an air nailer before in my life.

One thing I quickly discovered was that I was jamming up quite frequently. I've fixed it now, but in this video (and the next couple) I just wasn't comfortable enough to play with the tool. Once I became comfortable enough to look at how it actually works, I did locate where my problem was and fixed it.

The descriptions on the instructions wasn't really a help to fixing this issue. Didn't even see a YouTube video showing me how to resolve it (so I might make one). Just an hour of me sitting there, looking at the tool and trying to figure out what everything does, and I found what I was confident the fix was. After making my adjustments, all it did was jam, this told me I was on the right path, I had just turned it the wrong way. Turned it the other way, and no more jams, issue resolved, problem fixed and the rest of that went up without a single jam.

Absolutely loving this tool.

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