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Installing Amazon Basic TV Wall Mount

I decided it was time to hang the TV onto the wall in the bedroom, to get it up off the dresser and away from the cats. The TV we are using is the TCL 43" 4K ultra Roku, Smart TV.

First thing is first though, we've decided a general area of where we want it to hang, now to find studs to see if we can be close and actually hit a stud. For this we used this generic stud finder. It did the job, but haven't been overly impressed with it performance since this video.

Last item we needed was the actual mounting system. I wasn't overly concerned with bells and whistles on this, as it's just a wall mount, it doesn't have to be fantastic. It'll be hanging on the wall, towards the foot of the bed, high enough that we won't be straining to see it. The mount, as with most tv wall mounts, has an angle built in to angle it more towards someone sitting down (or in this case lying down).

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