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HP ENVY Desktop 795 0030qd, Review

The last one I’m doing about my new HP Envy. I’m absolutely in love with this desktop. Yesterday evening, I put 5 videos together, after a weekend of shooting videos. You heard me correctly, 5 videos!!! A task that would have taken me an entire day on my old tower, done in about 5 hours.

In this video, I show you the final step of putting one of my videos together, rendering (or as Magix calls it, mixing down(?)). This software is powerful, far too powerful for my needs, but eventually I’ll take the time to learn more about it and maybe start utilizing more of it’s features, but for now I’m content.

This machine lets me utilize so much more of my equipment’s potential, I’m still not even sure I’ve turned everything on that I can. Already, I have increased the resolution of the videos I’m recording, increased the framerate of the videos I’m recording, and still getting my videos rendered in half the time. I’m not sure if anyone has noticed, but the visual quality of the videos has improved quite a bit.

The end result of all these changes is that the videos are about 4 times as big as they were previously. So naturally it takes a bit longer to upload them (took around 8 hours to upload 4 videos, which was done overnight). I’m totally fine with the longer upload times, because it means I’m putting up a better quality video. Now if I can just work on my content and make my content better, I’ll be happy.

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