HP ENVY Desktop 795 0030qd, Hooking it up

So now that the HP Envy is unpacked, it’s time to hook her up. Some people find this confusing, but it’s only because they overthink it and let their own fears of messing up, get in their way.

It’s really simple, it doesn’t really matter. Ok, it kind of does, keyboard and mouse should be in the older (slower) usb ports. Anything that could benefit from a faster connection, should go into the newer (faster) usb ports. Ultimately though, it’s not that important to the average user, just to the hard core geeks out there that want to make sure everything runs efficiently.

Most plugs fit in, only one way, you can look at both ends and figure it out, fairly easily. However, it’s just as easy to push in gently, if it doesn’t go in, then flip the connector and try again.

As you can see, this didn’t take long at all, took a bit longer due to me talking the whole time.

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