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How to wash dishes, tutorial

Today we demonstrate how to properly do dishes. We also explain that the sink is not a trash can, the stove is not a sink, the basement is not a counter-top. So many things we have to teach you.

Inspired by my uncle for his doing dishes tutorial. Spurred by my irritation with the ex who thought that the sink was a trash can, the stove was a sink and the basement was her counter top.

Sad thing is, this really isn't even a stretch. Dirty dishes were usually piled on the stove and trash was thrown in the sink. I had to scratch my head over the whole thing. Now I'm not pretending that it stayed that way all the time, cause it really didn't. I'm just saying I had to scratch my head at the times it happened, as it confused me.

The basement being used as counter top space was an everyday thing though. I'm not even talking about using the shelves down there, no the stuff was scattered across the floor.

Intro by Keihin Duff, thanks Keihin. Visit the Duff at

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