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How to patch a hole in your floor

With 2 vents redone, I figured it was time to get the gap from using a smaller vent, filled in. Of course, by no means am I a carpenter and I have dreaded this step. You see, when I cut wood, it just never matters how many times I measure it, I can never seem to cut it correctly.

That said, I cut the garbage piece of wood for underneath, to help build the courage for the upstairs piece. Sure, it wasn't perfect by any means, but it was probably the best cut I had made in my life up to this point, and I was proud of myself.

With the hidden piece out of the way, it was time to cut the piece that's going to be visible until I start actually doing the work upstairs. This piece could be visible for years, this is the piece people will judge me by, when they come over to visit and see it as part of my floor.

I am actually proud of myself for these cuts, sure most of the world isn't impressed, but I am. These pieces seemed to fit in nice and snug, like they were meant to go here, and that's saying a lot for a guy that can't cut wood with any sort of accuracy.

Time to try out the new countersink bit I spent an hour looking for at the hardware store. I went with some square head screws, since I never have luck with flat, Phillips or even star bits. Then of course, since I'm trying a different type of screw, I needed to get a square bit to put them in. All in all, I'm very happy with my work on this step.

Square head screws

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