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HOTEC Wireless Headset Lavalier Microphone

After several videos of experiencing severe wind noise issues, I decided it was time to put some money into a nice Wireless Microphone. After some careful consideration I decided on the HOTEC Wireless Headset/Lavalier Microphone, and I'm glad I did.

In this video, I open it up and give my very first impressions of it, followed by a sound test of the mic. I have to admit, the sound test was awesome, I walked 3 rooms away and the sound stayed phenomenal. Granted my house is fairly small, so 3 rooms here might be 1 descent sized room to rich people.

Since opening this and doing this video, I've done several other videos with it and love the sound I get out of it. Granted I did eventually decide I preferred the headset mic far more than the lapel mic, just because my normal speaking voice is very soft and I need the mic much closer to my mouth. It's one thing to yell at a camera that's far away, it's completely different to yell at a mic that's on your person.

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