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Hanging the Tool Shed 4' LED Shop Lights

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

Mom and Dad bought me this nifty little light for my man cave. Dad had shown me the ones he put up in his basement and I loved how bright his basement was. I won't make a commission on these, but it's not all about the bottom line, sometimes you just find something functional and cheap and it becomes the right thing to do.

Not entirely sure that these will work in my build, they are lovely and functional, but they might be better suited for one of the extra rooms or the garage. You see, I'm wanting a green screen in the basement, which is going to require tons of lights. These might work, I'll just need to test them out a bit once the room gets finished.

It brightened up the entire area, the camera had a little difficulty trying to compensate, which made the floor area look a little dim. It wasn't dim though, it was lit up really well.

Tool Shed 4' LED Shop Light (newer model, the one in the video is no longer available)

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