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Had a Friend Help Me Out, Time to Fix it

This friend is always asking to help me do things. Most of the time I feel fairly bad about saying NO, but this is why. I guess, maybe I’m just a little bit particular with how I want things done in the yard. Wood gets cut to length for fire (village ordinance states fire is to be no bigger than 3’x3′), so in my mind every piece must be less than 3′. Every Piece must be cut to somewhat stack neatly, this means all offshoots must be cleared so they rest nicely and aren’t all wopperjawed.

The wood should all be stacked in the same place, I mean come on, I have pallets in the yard for a reason. I don’t think I’m asking a lot, don’t throw wood in the middle of the yard where I need to mow.

Yep, guess I’m asking a lot. Oh well, it’s fixed now so I can go back to being happy. Even had enough time to mow the yard, but I did a really shoddy job of mowing.

I knew the grass was too tall to mulch it, and didn’t feel like bagging it. The discharge chute for my mower seems to be MIA, so the yard was mowed w/o a chute. Yep, grass thrown on the house, in every bed, all over my fence, I’ve got a mess to clean up.

I think I’ll take the time today to go ahead and get the trimming done, then break the blower out to clean up the beds, house and fence. After that, I might mow again, but this time I’ll put the mulching cover back on. Lets hope it doesn’t rain consistently again, keeping the grass too wet to mow.

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