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Grading the North Side of the House

In preparation for doing some serious work in the basement this winter, it’s time to grade the areas outside the house. Not that the basement is taking in a lot of water, just a trickle here and there. I still haven’t finished sealing the cracks (air gaps) inside, of even finished power washing the walls yet, not to mention haven’t painted the walls yet.

My mind keeps telling me, that I’m further along in the basement than I really am. This is a good thing though, cause my brain is getting me excited and as such, causing me to want to work on it. Sadly, I fear reality will set in, when I actually go down there to start working.

For now though, I’ll take the excited feeling and feeling like I can make progress. I need this done, anything that helps me along on the process is a good thing, even if it is a false sense of accomplishment.

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