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Getting a Power Cord Out of the Way

Time to finally get the power cord out of my way. I wanted to do this months ago, it’s in the way for trimming, mowing and my next project. It might not seem like a big deal, but my next project needs it completely out of the way and if it wasn’t for that I’d just suffer having to move it every time I mow/trim.

I could go ahead and wire up a receptacle out there for the cameras and free this extension cord up for other uses. That just isn’t the most cost effective option at the moment. The basement needs to start moving forward, and part of the basement will need some wiring.

I want to get the garage wired as well, an the playhouse for Brylynn wired. Since I’m always concerned with keeping my total costs down on every step of every project, I’m going to make every attempt to have all 3 areas ready to be wired at the same time. This way, I only have to have an electrician come out one time.

Once it’s done, I’ll free up both extension cords. Currently, I keep one plugged in, just for anything and everything I want to do in the backyard. It’s a bit of an energy drain, but at least it’s always ready to go when I need it.

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