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Finishing the power washing

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

With the bulk of the basement behind me, it's time to conquor that last wall. Moving the washer and dryer will undoubtedly prove to be the easy part of this step. Time to break out the Greekworks 2000 PSI Pressure Washer for the last time in this project, and hopefully the last time until it's warm outside.

Sure it's not the route I wanted to go, I wanted to stick to my man cave this winter. That's just never how things work out for me, ever!! I always end up seeing or thinking something different than my plan or intentions as I move forward with any project. Lets look at it, I decided to redo the HVAC work, to regain some headroom, not a bad alteration to my plans, just a costly one. Now adding in, finishing the lower part of the basement walls.

I guess I should just be happy to get done what I get done, I've already gotten a lot farther than I did last year. Yeah, I wanted walls up for my room by now, but adding in the extra time doing things I already know how to do, has given me the opportunity to research more options for insulating walls. Yep, already altering my plans for a few steps down the road.

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