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Finishing painting the trim on the shed

I got it done, I got it done, I got it done. Okay, I might be a little over excited. I’ve only been trying to get this started, all summer long. Trim is done, now for the easy part…..wait….I mean boring part…..or was it…heck, who cares the trim is done. That’s one step towards knocking this project off my to do list.

I think, once the exterior is painted, I’m going to slack off of the shed for a bit. There’s almost no real reason to continue it this year. By the time I’d get it done inside, it’ll be late fall. This might be a project to pick back up early next year. Winter is coming and I’m fairly certain I’d rather get my house a little more prepared for the cold season.

Even with that said, I’m not going to get far on it this year. Every step I take though, is pennies in the bank in energy savings (which benefits me in warmer weather as well). Probably won’t get the basement finished this year, but I can certainly try to get a room or two done. Even at that, it’d be one wall that’s no longer losing heat. Even if I can only get the gaps sealed and the walls dry-locked, it’ll still help.

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