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Dethatching the yard with GreenWorks Dethatcher

Decided it was time to do a more thorough dethatching of the yard with the GreenWorks Electric Dethatcher.

Started the day by mowing the entire yard with the GreenWorks mower, utilizing the mulching feature. This process usually takes 1 and a half hours, but it took a little longer today, since I hadn't kept up with the yard for the last month and it was quite tall.

After that, I went back over just the back portion of the yard, this time with the bagger attachment on the mower. The mower performed its duties and was able to lift a lot of the mulched grass up.

I do prefer to mulch the yard before bagging it, this way some of the smaller pieces are still left behind as free fertilizer, while the bulk can be picked up and removed. Though I usually only do this when I've fallen behind on the yard work and want it to look decent. Otherwise, I just mulch it and done.

With the majority of the clippings up, and the grass cut around 3/4 inch lower than I would normally cut it, I got the GreenWorks dethatcher out and started to dethatch the area. You might notice the grass pulled up isn't overly brown, trust me there was a lot of the dead brown grass that was puled up. That said, there was also some smaller chunks of new clipping mixed in.

After that it was a simple task of bagging the yard waste that the dethatcher had brought up to the top. I was surprised that it was only 3 bags of waste, but I did do this about a month ago as well (albiet very quickly, just to play with the dethatcher).

No matter how you look at it though, the back yard is looking wonderful, not quite as thick as it has been, but still wonderful. Probably a little too late this year to try to whip the yard into tip top shape, but we can at least get a start on it for next year.

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