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Decided it was time to mow, which forced me to fix my Husqvarna HU725AWD mower

I was sure my issue was spark. Replaced the plug, checked the magneto, nope it’s not spark.

There's 3 things you need for a combustion engine to work; fuel, fire, and air. Something that I'm relearning in my older age, 20 years ago I was certified for small engine repair but I haven't done that in.......well 20 years.

I fumbled through this very reluctantly. The mower had been down for about a month and I just kept putting it off for fear of not being able to fix it. That said though, I did finally muster the courage to try it and I don't think I did that bad. Sure I talked too much and backtracked a bit here and there, but at the end of the day the mower was working.

It was fuel, oh well, she runs now and I can mow the yard.

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