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Creathing Lab Car Trash Can Hanging Bag

Creathing Lab was kind enough to give me a discount on their Car Trash can, Hanging Bag, in exchange for me to review the product, but all opinions are my own. I decided to go a little different route with this video, first explaining the problem, then unboxing and installing their solution.

This product does appear sturdy, like it will hold up for several years of mild abuse (by that, I mean putting trash in to it). The inside appears as though it'll be easy to wipe clean, if the need arises. The bag appears to be made of quality materials, felt sturdy, arrived with no blemishes and was extremely easy to install.

I do look forward to a cleaner car interior in the months to come. The perfect solution for those of use who don't want to carry in our daily trash, at the end of each day.

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