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Car Interior LED lights by Morefulls

Wanting some Car interior LED lights, I decided to give Morefulls a try, something just rung out to me on theirs.

Granted I'm not a car enthusiast and don't spend much time thinking about my car (other than wondering when I'll have to fill up again). That said, I needed something simple and easy to install and was okay with the idea of using them through my car cigarette lighter.

When it says hassle free, it is really hassle free. I pulled them out of the box and plugged in the cigarette lighter adapter. From there I ran the first 2 sets of lights to the backseat area and attached them under the driver and passenger seats in the back. After that, I ran the cords under the seat rails and then under the trim along the door to take the remaining 2 lights to the front of the car. Pealed the plastic off the sticky tape and attached the lights to the plastic under the dash.

Finally, I set the remote to the side of the center console, to where it felt comfortable to click the buttons.

I did find the remote a bit unintelligent, so I downloaded the app onto my phone to make some quick adjustments. Sadly the directions did not specify the app to use, there was a QR code on the remote, but being that I already installed it, the lighting just wasn't good enough for my camera to scan the code. The app is called Lotus Lantern and had a red-blue wave across a roughly drawn lotus flower. The app connected without any issue and I was able to make some quick modifications to the setup of the lights.

All in all, it was a fairly effortless experience, the only difficult part being reading through amazon Q/A to find the name of the app for controlling it.

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