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Canon Pixma TR4520 Printer Unboxing and Review

After an extremely bad experience at work, where councilwoman decided she knows how to do my job better than do. I decided it was time to buy a printer to print off some applications. I decided on the Canon Pixma TR4520, partly due to the price and partly do to quality. I'm not overly concerned with high graphic prints, so this was the best bang for the buck for my needs.

Really all I needed was a printer that can print off a few applications and some new wall decorations as they become available. In this video I print off one of the wall decorations.

Other than that, if a council member feels they know how to do my job, then you'd 'think' they'd at least have done my job for at the very least a minute or two. To tell me to let potential emergencies ring, and take time to satisfy the public's curiosity is absurd. Potential Emergency far outweighs someones curiosity and if the Village Council wants to get me sued, then it's time for me to look elsewhere.

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