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Amarey Robot Vacuum Unboxing

Amarey was kind enough to sponsor this video, they gave me a great price on their Robot Vacuum in exchange for my opinion. My opinions are my own.

Opening the box for this beast was quite impressive for me. The Robot Vacuum was not a little toy, it was a solid piece of equipment. Anticipation grew as the product was charging and I couldn't wait to see how well it worked.

Once the vacuuming was complete (even if I did send it back prematurely), I was again impressed by the amount of hair/dirt it had located. I accidentally set it out to gather more dirt (I was really looking for bedtime). It cleaned a bit more area the 2nd time and brought back more dirt/hair.

It has been more than a week since this was delivered. Everyday routine is simple, come home from work and empty it's collection bin. That simple.

With 3 animals in the house, the collection bin finds a sizable mound of hair each day, and some dirt.

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