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VHS to Digital Conversion

VHS to Digital conversion

Old Goat Productions is proud to offer our VHS to digital conversion service.  At this time we are only offering this service for VHS format, but we do plan to open this up to other formats down the road if there is sufficient demand for such.  

Currently we offer a fairly basic and simple pricing structure.  25$ per VHS tape to be digitized.  We will be able to put the finished product on to DVD or UBS drive and mail it back to you.   We can also upload it for you to be able to download.  Will be using Google Drive for this type of media delivery.  

If we run into a situation where the tape is severely weathered we do reserve the right to send it back.   This is to assure the integrity of your memories.  VHS tapes can deteriorate 10-20 percent in as little as 10-25 years.  With an average total life expectancy of 20-30 years.  This does factory in a lot of variables though (humidity, light exposure, temperature, etc).  The cases themselves can become brittle and break apart.  None of this factors in actually playing your tapes, if you use them now you're actually stretching the tape and increasing damage done, thus decreasing the life expectancy of the tape.  

To get a Quote for the services, select "Get a Quote", select the way you want the completed files returned to you (Flash Drive, DVD, Digital Download).  Then select what you want us to do with your original VHS tapes.  Lastly select how many tapes you're sending.

After that, ordering is simple:

Make check or money order payable to Old Goat Productions for the amount quoted

Package up your VHS tapes to be mailed and place payment in the package with the tapes.  

Old Goat Productions

435 Wood Ave

Newcomerstown, Ohio 43832

Processing time is currently taking around 7 days from the time we receive your tapes.  If you have a large order, we may mail part of your order back when it's complete, while we continue to process the rest.  This will provide you with some peace of mind that we haven't forgotten about you.  

Every effort will be taken to preserve your precious videos.  A promise from the proprietor, who understands the priceless nature of memories. 

In the event that the tape does get eaten, every effort will be taken to remove the damaged parts of the tape, and the remaining usable portions will be expertly spliced back together so digitization can be completed.  In the event the tape is damaged beyond repair (old age, humidity, sun damage, etc) we will email you asking for your direction and you will be refunded the digitization cost of that tape.  

Some examples of the conversion process:

This is an example of a video that was recorded in 1994.  Yes, the date displayed on it is accurate.  The camera used was one bought around 1988, I don't remember the brand or model.  It looked similar to the mid 80's RCA, but the reddish color of the 84' JVC.

In this example, things didn't go as well.  It came out in black and white, this was either a problem with some damage to the tape or a formatting issue.  Video was recorded in 1999 or 2000, with an unknown make model camcorder.  If the whole thing was black and white then I'd say it was definitely a formatting issue, but color does try to sneak in from time to time so I'm going with damage due to age of the tape.  

It doesn't have to end here, this is just the core service.  We can also edit your video(s), adding in some flavor.  

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