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The Old Goat

The Old Goat is a Video Creator that has spent the last several years producing videos on YouTube.  

That said, I do have several skills that could be useful and offer these skills for sale.  

It was 1993 when I got into video production and learned many skills associated with manipulating videos and proper usage of certain techniques.  Over the years, things have changed quite a bit.  I remember having a switchboard for doing a couple different wipes and we had a Video Toaster (Garth's shirt in Wayne's World promoted this)  for creating some transitions.  Video Toaster transitions were the type you'd have seen on the sitcom "Home Improvement" back at that time.  

During this same time, I had worked with audio dubbing to add songs to videos, primarily for my simple enjoyment.  Most of my early endeavors have been lost, stolen and damaged beyond repair over the years.  I'll admit I let quite a few VHS tapes sit in a hot car, in a window sil, next to a furnace, even lost a few to humidity.  I knew better and I did it anyway, we all know how we were in our late teens and early 20's.  

There were a few tapes that I went to great lengths to preserve though.  I sealed them up, put them in a closet and did not play them for fear of losing them.  Then it smacked me in the face, that I knew how to preserve them, I was very familiar with the processes of converting them and editing them, so why not do just that and safeguard them against time itself.

So I decided it was time to offer these skills.  While continuing to hone my craft as a YouTuber, and the 2 go hand in hand with each other.  You want to see what kind of edits I have amassed over the years, you can watch some of my videos to get an idea of the quality I can offer.  

Even better, if you ask for something that I am a little shaky on or don't fully understand how to do, it's a chance for me to learn a new skill and provide a better service down the road (and make better YouTube videos to boot).  All in all, I'll consider it a win.